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The Beat Juggler, is a One-Man-Band, Moving the Crowds with Their Music.

By: Diane DiMeo  |  November 2020

Music. It sways you, energizes you, empathizes with you, and beckons you. Some of us are avid listeners & fans, while some are creators, and then there are the mixers. The DJs. The Beat Jugglers.

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Music. Whether you like rock, hip hop, jazz, trance or any other music genre, it’s part of our lives, the key to our soul. It sways us, energizes us, empathizes with us, and beckons us. Some of us are avid listeners & fans, while some are creators, and then there are the mixers. The DJs. The Beat Jugglers.

The Beat Jugglers, take tracks of music, seamlessly mix them together, taking our spirits high and low, moving us, stirring something deep within and connects us to friends and strangers alike, appreciating and oft times worshipping the DJ juggling the beats.

DJ Luis Vega, tells T.E.M about his passion for music.

T.E.M: Why do you love music so much

DJ Luis Vega: Ever since I can remember, I have loved music. When I was a child, my dream was to become a musician. I would dance in my room, imagining I was playing on different stages around the world bringing joy to people with my music.

Every year, for my birthday and Christmas, I would ask for a trumpet, drums or a guitar. But since my mom wasn’t too keen on loud noises, she enrolled me in sports instead. That was a TOTAL downer.

When I turned 13, my dream finally came true, and I got my first guitar. It was at that moment I knew my life was about music and bringing joy and love to people.

T.E.M: Why did you become a DJ?

DJ Luis Vega: Because it makes me feel as though I am my own band, kind of like a one-man-band. I never have to worry about the other members of the band, or if we have the same vision for music.

I used to play in different punk rock bands before I became a DJ. I was the vocalist, and played guitar and bass. It was always hard to have everyone on the same page, and I got tired of jumping from band to band.

A friend told me he was a DJ, and took me to the club he was playing at. He gave me a crash course right then and there, in the middle of the party, while everyone was dancing. Then, he left me alone to DJ. It was sort of natural for me, I just started mixing and it reminded me of band rehearsal, like a jam session, but it was only me. A one-man-band creating different sounds. As I looked into the crowd and watched everyone moving to the rhythm, enjoying the vibe and music, It felt amazing. That moment took me back to when I was on stage rocking out on my instrument, just killing it, watching the people jump up and down to my music.

That was my moment. That is when I decided to become a DJ. I was the only person in control, I could follow my vision, be my one-man-band and spread the sound of music.

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T.E.M: Did you start off as a turntable DJ? if so, was it hard? Was it hard to learn how to do CD or Computer track DJing? is the equipment that different?

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DJ Luis Vega: I started with a dual mixer from Gemini CDM400, a controller, but from the 90’s. You can’t connect them to computers, it’s for CD’s only. Then I upgraded to Pioneer CDJS 1000mk2, which was CD’s only too.

I learned how to spin vinyl 8 years after, only because DJs make fun of you if you don’t know how to do vinyl. Hahahaha.

Right now I only use the computer to download music to search or produce my own shit.

To me, the more I can be in touch with the instruments, the better. Controlling the mixer is like playing with the sounds a full band makes. A new rhythm, jamming to the magic of the mixer.

T.E.M: Name 3 DJ's you are highly influenced by

DJ Luis Vega: Hijack, Phill weeks and Atjazz. I think they are good DJ and producers. I love their work.

T.E.M: Name 3 of your favorite artists

DJ Luis Vega: Pobló de Lucia, Andres Segovia and Paganni

T.E.M: How long have you been playing in Tulum for?

DJ Luis Vega: 4 years. I came to Tulum to listen to some big international and national names, and to learn more about live DJing so I could get to a bigger stage and be part of the elite scene.

T.E.M: What other countries or places have you DJ'd before?

DJ Luis Vega: I played around Mexico mostly, Monterrey, Mexico City, Puebla, Chapas, Baja and the Carribean.

I visited Milan, Italy in 2016 for a festival called Nomad, I was also in Ibiza the summer of 2019 as the resident in Laylah restaurant.


T.E.M: If you were to classify your style of music what you would you classify it as?

DJ Luis Vega: Classic, melodic, instrument, minimal, funky, space, acid and jungle house. Hahahaha!! I don’t know! it’s always hard to define your own musical genre. I love all types of music, You can find amazing sounds in everything.

Sometimes I just say that i am a house music Dj. Of course there is more but it’s difficult to describe.


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