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Head boss


Scribble master

Diane DiMeo

Master at many trades, from Chef/TV Chef to Festival Founder to Director/Executive Producer.


Tulum Eat's Magazine was the brainstorm from a cup of joe and a grapefruit juice one excessively hot & humid afternoon in Tulum. 


Master of the  design & Co boss

Rodrigo Frias Mier

Born to be wild, experience doesn't run short. From wine, to furniture design, the creativity is endless. 

Print designer of Hotelero, a high end Magazine for hotels, and now the 'Master of Design' and 'Co-Boss' of Tulum Eats Magazine. 


Master behind the lens

Bernardo Flores

Filmmaker & photographer. He is a master. 


His work has been published in various editorials like, Vogue España, The Rolling Stone México, Nupcias Magazine, Travel + Leisure, Vuelo, and the best of the best. 

Founder of Viva Photography Agency in 2009.

Bernardo Flores is also a collaborator of Getty Images LATAM since 2010.

His photographs have been shown at Casa Lamm in Mexico City,  various galleries in Quintana Roo and in Casa Nómada, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico


 behind the lens

Deike Alexa

Behind the lens she's a genius. Taking photos comes first nature. But that's not all. Savior of turtles, with a foundation, comes second nature. 

Snapper of photographs for Good Health, Einfach.sein (translated ) and a few more in Germany.  Creator of a food magazine - Mutti Kocht Am Besten (Mum Cooks Best) and 2 blogs 'Kats Home' and 'Travel'


Resident Scribbler

Siobhán Gallagher

An Irish communication consultant, currently based in Playa del Carmen.

Lived in 9 countries over the past 20 years, Siobhán writes about her experiences of travel, food, culture, wellness and communication., and follow her travels on Instagram @iguanatalk_travel.




Jonty Rees

Born a long time ago in Wales, he grew up in London, worked and raised a family in Austin, Texas (with lovely wife Holly, two boys, Alex and Ryan).

Achieved Mexit and moved to Tulum in January 2018. Motto: “All tacos are good, some tacos are better than others”


Scribble Contributor

Cathy Holling

From the Financial chaos of NYC, to Tulum. A world traveler, and an enjoyer of the finer things in life. 

She can also make a mean screwdriver. 


Tulum Eats Magazine is published 12 times a year, unless we decide to go on prolonged vacations. You can find the print magazine at select locations throughout the Riviera Maya, and in some East Coast establishments, where we will randomly place, during selective times. The website will be updated monthly, with selected materials that may or may not be the same as the print version. Look for us soon, in other states of Mexico.

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