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How to Become a Tuluminati in 5-Easy Steps And Contest. Yes, Contest. 

What do you win, you ask? Well, you will become ‘Tuluminati’ of the Month with an article featuring YOU, PLUS $100 cash. 

By: TEM Staff  

Seems like a strange concept, especially for those of us who have lived in Tulum for 4+ years, and have been coming here for 12+. Sure, there was an old school version of what a ‘Tuluminati’ was, but that was a LONG time ago, and much of the clothing worn then, is certainly passe. 


A real ‘Tuluminati’ in Tulum, is more of an attitude/air/presence, and the person is usually just wearing shorts, tank tops (or a nice casual shirt, sometimes no shirt at all for the men and a bikini top or a wrap around scarf/dress for the women), and flip flops (sometimes some groovy ass shoes). Thats. It. That was pre Covid. Now..during Covid, a whole new generation of what we call ‘COVID Refugees’, have become new and improved instant ‘Tuluminatis’. Reminiscent of those Sea Monkey kits, where you just added water and BOOM...Sea Monkeys, here, in Tulum, now, people just add clothing, accessories, attend a few parties, coupled with some mystical drugs and BOOM...a ‘Tuluminati’.  

The word ‘Tuluminati’ has taken on a WHOLE new meaning, and one that comes with a hefty price tag. Clothing can range north of $150usd for just a shawl, but you still have to get the hat (and in some cases several different ones), body sheet wear, gauze style dresses, see thru or tassel skirts, diaper pants, bizarre jewelry, sunglasses etc etc. Total cost for one outfit? North of $500usd (that’s a WHOLE lotta tacos. Just sayin). A wise ‘Tuluminati’ can save a bundle and dig through the racks at Chedraui, find everything they need, including hat, sunglasses, jewelry for south of $100, and no one would be the wiser. 


As much as we would like to expound completely on this new culture, we would rather just share our knowledge.That said, for this article’s purpose, we will only dive into the clothing aspect, with a few precursory needs. TEM is going to show you how to become a ‘Tuluminati’ in just 5-easy steps. 


We are so committed to this, we are making this into a contest. That’s right. A contest. We encourage those of you who have become a ‘COVID Refugee Tuluminati’, to send in photos of your best ‘Tuluminati’ outfit, with of course pre-photos of what you looked like prior to your ‘Tuluminati’ metamorphosis. What do you win, you ask? Well, you will become ‘Tuluminati’ of the Month with an article featuring YOU, PLUS $100 cash. 


Before we go into the 5-steps, it is super important that you were ‘normal’ prior to coming to Tulum. We cannot stress that more. 


step 1B.jpg

Step 1)  Get your face painted at some crazy party, and within 24 hours of continuous partying, (possibly 48 hours) become 1 with the universe, in a strange yet acceptable way




step 2.jpg

Step 2)  Purchase & wear an unusual pair of sunglasses, and wear it at ALL times


step 3.jpg

Step 3) Purchase a specific style of hat, and wear it at ALL times


step 4.jpg

Step 4) Purchase an overpriced shawl / skirt / dress and wear it whether you are at the beach, party or just randomly (steps 1 thru 4 can be done in any order)


step 5.jpg

 Step 5) Wear a turban style hat like a champion


Easy. Peasy. Tuluminati. 

Contest Rules 

We CHALLENGE you, to be the best Tuluminati in Tulum. You must take photos, showing us all 5-stages, along with your 'normal' self photo. 

Digital photos must be sent in by March 30th to qualify.

What does the winner receive? Your own feature article as the ‘Tuluminati of issue 3’ PLUS a whole WHOPPING $100 cash (and that’s in USD). Winner, winner chicken dinner. We may even add a 2nd and 3rd prize winner...


Contestants must be in Tulum. 


Send your digital photos, name, and contact info, by March 30th to:

Contest Info


Tulum Eats Magazine is published 12 times a year, unless we decide to go on prolonged vacations. You can find the print magazine at select locations throughout the Riviera Maya, and in some East Coast establishments, where we will randomly place, during selective times. The website will be updated monthly, with selected materials that may or may not be the same as the print version. Look for us soon, in other states of Mexico.

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