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Why TULUM eats Mag? Through TULUM eats Mag’s Digital, Social, Events, & Print channels we celebrate Food, culture, booze & people, community by community. Our audience of food, drink, travel enthusiasts, trendsetters, media, and trade will be the most interesting and influential people you can reach. TULUM eats Mag’s targeted readers are concerned, connected, savvy and community-minded, whether they are tourists, locals or residents. They influence their friends, telling them where to go, shop, where to eat, who is who, what places to travel to, what to drink and why. And, frankly, they’ll trust us. They’ll know we are an honest, smart, and beautiful publication. With a unique, decentralized publishing model, no other magazine devotes editorial exclusively to local foods, people, places and food culture, and to boot, in English. And that makes our advertisers more attractive from Cancun to Tulum, Merida to Chetumal.

Targeted Demographic Our thoughtful, concerned readers are exactly the sort of customers you want.

High-Visibility Ads Our readers will appreciate the content and will “read the magazine cover to cover—even the ads.” That means more exposure for you. Our readers will trust the businesses, and people we write about and the businesses that advertise with us. That means they are more likely to become new customers for you.

TULUM eats Mag Advertising *Price List

please note - all prices are subject to change after the 3rd issue of TULUM eats Mag.


Reach TULUM eats Mag readers inboxes with clickable calls to action.

EBLAST: Our dedicated e-blasts, written by our Editors, are sent to a masterlist of a continuously growing subscriber and member list

Masterlist $200 for 2 months, $500 a month for 4 months, $700 for 8 months, $900 for the year


COVERS – To maintain local connection, each issue is printed with community specific

covers and cover ads.

1-3 x Full Year (12x)

Back Cover $800.00 $650.00

Inside Covers $700.00 $550.00


Ad Size 1-3 x Full Year (12x)

Full Page $500.00 $400.00

Prime Position $600.00 $500.00

Spread $1200.00 $1000

1⁄ 2 Horizontal/Vertical Page $375.00 $300.00

1⁄ 3 Vertical Page $300.00 $250.00

1⁄4 Page $200.00 $150.00

Sponsored Print

  • Full Page (minimum): $1000

  • Full Page + ⅓ Page Opposite, Vertical (recommended): $1500

  • 2-Page Spread: $3000


Insert (prices based on insert/onsert materials provided by client)

  • Insert-Small (5”W x 10”H)

    • 1x: $700

    • 2-12x $600

  • Insert-Large (8.375”W x 10.875’H)

    • 1x: $700

    • 2-12x $600

**Multi-insertion must use same insert in all magazines



Banner Opportunity Weekly Monthly

Leaderboard on site $250 $700

Wide Sidebar on all four sites $150 $400


Tulum Eats Magazine is published 12 times a year, unless we decide to go on prolonged vacations. You can find the print magazine at select locations throughout the Riviera Maya, and in some East Coast establishments, where we will randomly place, during selective times. The website will be updated monthly, with selected materials that may or may not be the same as the print version. Look for us soon, in other states of Mexico.

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