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Who Dat? Find Out Every Month as We Feature Different People From Tulum

By: Diane DiMeo

A name. What's in a name? Well, it depends on who you ask...For Ivan Fernando Angeles, from Cenzontle, the name of the place he owns, sums up all of his creative genius.

WD - Dirk.jpg
Dirk chillin at Ahau
Photos by Diane DiMeo

Who Dat’? In a Town that is Both Small & Big, we Often Miss the People Who are a Large Part of Today’s Tulum.

WD - Dirk 3.jpg

Dirk Van Stockum. Most of you just know him as ‘Dirk’, for those of you who have had the pleasure of meeting him. A wild boy, at heart, and clearly it hasn’t left him since he’s come to Tulum. You can usually find him hanging out at Ahau, either on the beach or in the restaurant, working on his laptop barefoot and shirtless, showing off the artwork on his body. He’s that super cool, chilled guy with the accent everyone wants, and he loves to cuss. What else is there?



In charge of the F&B program in the Ahau Collection, 3 properties at the time, and now he is in charge of Ahau Collection’s Direct Communications & some aspects of the Digital Marketing. Oft times you can find him as a doorman in other Tulum Venues, schmoozing it up with the best of them. 


Dirk’s love for Tulum isn’t just for the nightlife, it’s also for the beauty that Tulum offers. He loves that he can put his feet in the water when he’s feeling blue, the magic & vibe of the Tulum, and adores all the different characters in the community. 


His favorite watering holes are Tulum Munchies which is right outside his door (literally) and basically anything ‘Cesar’ related, especially Clandestino. His favorite place to eat? Bar Atila. 


Some of his fondest memories? His first NYE party at Ahau, doing the F&B at the first Artwithme event, eating at Noma (twice) and meeting the crew,  and breakfasts with Eli ( he knows that's strange).


At heart, he’s a frustrated chef and he makes a mean bolognese ( he picked this up when he co-owned an Italian Restaurant in NYC - and TEM is dying to taste it). Some of the other dishes he makes at home (and yes we want to try these too…) Moquette, Chicken & Preserved lemon Tagine,  Eggs Shakshuka and he swears he has a few other tricks up his sleeve. Maybe we will all be lucky, and get an invite to a pop up dinner he hosts.


Tulum Eats Magazine is published 12 times a year, unless we decide to go on prolonged vacations. You can find the print magazine at select locations throughout the Riviera Maya, and in some East Coast establishments, where we will randomly place, during selective times. The website will be updated monthly, with selected materials that may or may not be the same as the print version. Look for us soon, in other states of Mexico.

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